Rahul Kumar. A Cyber Security Expert & Public Speaker.
He is the master architect of India's fastest-growing cyber security startup Defpr.

7+ Years of Experience

Served 17+ Organizations

Trained 8000+ People


He is a well-known cyber security expert who has served many companies & government agencies. He is best known for his work in cybercrime investigation.

He has a forward-thinking and practical approach. He is working on a cyber security software mission with a firm outlook. His foremost goal is to help all the victims of cyber fraud with the fastest strategies and dominant solutions. It will be implemented with the help of active participation in cybercrime analysis and advancement.

He is the recipient of great accomplishments in the IT industry and cyber security field. Due to his dedicated work approach and technology achievements, he was able to help numerous people and businesses from scams and most complex frauds. This belief and loyal thought towards cybercrime detection, has led us to accomplish so far and making Defpr a Brand.